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Kicking Things Off with Dogs

We are getting closer to launch!  Due to the process of packaging and approval by the Department of Agriculture (yes, there is a process!) we are kicking things off with dog treats first.  Don't worry!  We love cats too, but need to start somewhere!  Given the recipe process, as well as lab testing and labeling guidelines, we decided to focus on crunchy bones and bites first.  We find that cats favor tender treats (well, dogs do too), which will require a bit more work in the test kitchen.

Additionally, the treat testing process requires we examine various natural preservatives that mix well with the selected ingredients for each treat.  Each treat goes through a thorough shelf-life evaluation so that we can properly advise as to expiration dates! This sometimes will take us a month (or longer), since each test requires we measure time until the treat spoils.  We want to ensure freshness!

We will keep you posted on our progress, and we thank you for your support!



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