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We Guarantee Your Satisfaction!

Satisfaction Guarantee

We are often approached by pet owners of finicky pets with the question, "What if my dog or cat doesn't like your pet treats?" We understand that many dogs and cats may not like some of the food presented to them, and that's why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! That's right, if you or your pet is not 100% satisfied with our product, we with either replace your treats, or give you your money back. Just let us know within 14 days of receiving your purchase.

Buying online from any company can sometimes be challenging. We understand that there are some shady online companies just trying to make a quick buck. We want to assure you that this is NOT the Pet Nibbles way. We stand behind our treats! After all, our recipes go through a pretty thorough testing and approval process. 

We'll start by saying that we want to make the best homemade all natural treats for your pets. Outlined below are the steps each treat recipe undergoes to get the Pet Nibbles stamp of approval.


We check all of the ingredients against veterinary recommendations. We want to make sure all the ingredients in every recipe are safe for your pet.


We do test runs of every recipe. This sometimes includes varying the level of the ingredients to ensure proper consistency and presentation. 


We test each treat for shelf-life. This includes various tests in dry, refrigerated and other varied environments so that we can provide the proper expiration date for each pet treat recipe. If we find that the shelf-life is too short, we don't sell the treat and the recipe is scrapped. We refuse to use artificial preservatives to extend a treat's shelf-life!


Once the recipe is ready, we then send it to our lab for analysis. This is required for our back label information that shows protein, fat, fiber and moisture content.


We then send out test treats to our selected Beta Bites Treat Testers to garner feedback from our customers -- you! If we find that a treat doesn't meet the expectations of our customers, we throw the recipe out and start over again.


Once Steps 1 - 5 are complete, and we feel the product is ready for market, we then seek the approval from the Department of Agriculture for our labeling. 

Now the treat is ready for you! Our customers.

We promise to always strive to create the best treats possible, ensuring fresh, healthy, and delicious treats for your pet. After all, pets are part of our family, so we treat them that way.

This is why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! We want you and your pet to be happy and healthy. So shop with confidence and know that we are here should you have any problems or questions about our pet treats!

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