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What to Do When Your New Puppy Arrives Home

Are you considering about getting a new puppy for your kids? You bet that everyone is excited about the prospect, aren’t they? It is hard to resist the wagging tail and bright eyes of a puppy. However, before you think about getting a dog, do you know how much it will cost the family? You have to consider vet bills, food, treats, training and a place to put your new found pup. A young dog has to receive a different type of care than a big dog. So be prepared by learning what it will take.

The Preparation

Before the puppy enters your home, you have to prepare the home as you would for a young baby. Store away medications, toxic substances and all household cleaning products. Pick up all objects from the floor. If there are other pets in your home, slowly introduce them to the new addition. Find a neutral territory outside and allow your pet to meet the new puppy – on their own terms.

The Introduction

Don’t force the introduction. Let it happen naturally. Be sure that you supervise the meeting and be patient as it may take time. This may be too much of an ordeal for the new pup. In addition to a pet-to-pet introduction, you should also get the children introduced to the new pup. Try not to let the kids be too excited. Everyone should stay calm. In fact, allow the puppy to do the approaching first.

Puppy Food

Before you go out shopping for food, try to limit the purchase to a few items because you have to get to know what your new puppy likes. However, buy quality food that is healthy and free of preservatives and artificial flavoring. You may have to gradually introduce new foods over a period of weeks until you are clear on the specific foods that your puppy wants to eat. Of course, your vet may be able to guide you by making some suggestions and recommendation. However, in the end, it is going to be between you and your pup. Try smaller meals first and then gradually introduce pet treats.

Potty Training

You are going to have to train your puppy to go to the potty. This may take some time. So make sure that you wait until you are on vacation before bringing a small canine into your home. You could hire a dog trainer to get this done for you. 

Behavior Modification

Use positive reinforcement to teach your puppy the appropriate behave inside and outside the home. Potty training is one way to start. Dog training will help to promote good behavior and from a close bond between you and your new pup. 

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