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The Advantages of Offering Natural Pet Treats

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Your furry friend deserves the best. After all, we are what we eat. So, doesn’t it make sense to give your little buddy natural pet treats instead those manufactured science experiment biscuits that are chemically laden and potentially dangerous? If we wanted our pets to eat out of the trash, we wouldn’t bother buying them fancy food bowls.

That pet of yours is equipped with an unconditional love that could span for decades, but only if he is fed right and cared for properly. Pet ownership is a big responsibility that is a lot like parenthood, wherein we only want the best for our brood. Offering natural pet treats is the best way to prolong the lifespan of the creature that has given you so much comfort.

What Are Natural Pet Treats?

Typical treats for pets are simply snacks comprised of spare parts and preservatives. Although some may claim to contain whole or organic ingredients, a closer inspection of the label will tell you otherwise. Traditional pet treats are laced with chemicals and additives, but natural pet treats are not.

Natural pet treats are made from real, whole ingredients and never contain preservatives, unneeded chemicals, or additives. Furthermore, natural pet treats are more easily digested. Due to the lack of unnecessary components, naturally made pet snacks are the wisest choice and healthiest alternative to traditional treats or table scraps.

How Do I Know Which Natural Pet Treats Are the Good Ones?

There is an abundance of modern pet snack manufacturers who are peddling so-called “natural” pet treats. However, as with everything on today’s market, some products are better than others. Finding the best natural pet treats for your fur person is easier than you think, and it doesn’t require hours of comparing labels in the store.

Telling the differences between the various natural pet treats on the shelves requires little more than an attention to detail. Look at the ingredients first. Check for the following potentially harmful components:

•           Sugar – Manufacturers know about your pet’s sweet tooth and thus fill their treats with sugar which causes weight problems, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, and diabetes. All those conditions are avoidable, life-threatening, and expensive to fix.

•           Meat By-Products – Rendered meat by-product doesn’t even sound edible, so why would you give it to your pet? There is little to no nutritional value in meat by-product either, and it can make your pet very sick.

•           Glutens – Corn or wheat glutens are potentially lethal to your pets, causing allergies and providing absolutely zero nutritional advantages in the meantime.

•           Cereal Grains – Used by cheap manufacturers trying to make a quick buck, cereal grains act as a filler for traditional pet treats. Natural pet treats use whole grains such as brown rice, oats, or barley because they are high in protein and work best when combined with a meat-based diet.

•           Artificial Colors and/or Flavors – If the snacks you give your pet are made from real ingredients, then artificial colors and flavorings would not be needed.

If you find pet treats with the ingredients listed above, keep searching because you’ve yet to find the best.

What Differences Will I Notice After Offering Natural Pet Treats?

Your wallet may be slightly lighter, but your furry friend will thank you for giving it something substantial to eat. Dogs and cats that receive natural pet treats are usually happier, healthier, and better mannered. Satisfied with their well-balanced diet, pets given natural pet treats tend to remain calmer, feel more comfortable, have less accidents, and typically present a much shiner and more robust coat. Fewer trips to the vet are needed as well, which saves money in the end and virtually pays for the extra cost of higher quality food for your pet. 

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