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Does Canine Skin Inflammation Rule Out Dog Treats?

Dog allergy problems

Inflammation of the skin is such a widespread condition in dogs that the experts at the NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine have published a revised international standard of care for canines suffering from atopic dermatitis. The condition is tricky to treat since it has been shown to flare up even in dogs that have shown good results due to veterinary intervention.

What Causes Flare-ups

The reasons for flare-ups are as varied as the dogs and their living situations. There is mention of “fleas, food and environmental (e.g. house dust mites, pollens) allergens.” Dog food in particular – when it is made commercially with by-products and harmful fillers – can worsen the condition. The experts acknowledge that only a concerted effort will deal with recurrences of the condition and quickly minimize and then eliminate the discomfort that your pet experiences.

What To Do

The first course of action is a consultation with an experienced veterinarian who routinely deals with dogs suffering from inflammation of the skin. Next, there are a number of products that support possible treatment regimens, which the professional may prescribe. They may include fish oil supplements containing omega-3 fatty acids supplement. This is a long-term treatment as the fatty acid builds up in the dog’s system and helps maintain skin health.

Other supplements the veterinarian may prescribe include vitamins B1, B5, B12 and E. The goal here is to regulate immune responses that may be overly active and thereby lead to allergic reactions. The experts connect this problem with skin rashes, itchiness, dermatitis and excessive shedding. 

Understand Your Pet's Diet

Of course, this entire treatment regimen stands and falls with the availability of excellent dog treats and sound pet food. Even if you change the pet food that your dog eats and follow the veterinarian’s recommendations and prescriptions to the letter, giving your pet unhealthy treats can undo even the highest level of care. In short, you might be sabotaging your dog’s skin health with little more than a crunchy treat. Fortunately, Pet Nibbles is aware of the importance of only using the healthiest all natural ingredients!

One of our seasonal treats, Garden Veggie (available later this summer), contains oats, peas, carrots, and spinach. Animal Planet researchers have proven that orange vegetables, such as carrots, are healthy for dogs because of the antioxidants they provide. Since carrots also have plenty of vitamins and iron, they help support the immune system, which is crucial for a dog suffering from skin inflammation. Modern Dog Magazine pinpoints the healthy attributes of peas. Vitamin B in particular is important for skin health and plentiful in the pea.

Know that here at Pet Nibbles we understand that your dog’s comfort is of the utmost importance to you. Contact us if you have questions about skin-friendly dog treats that can support treatments prescribed by your pet’s veterinarian.

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