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The Fundamentals of Nutritional Needs for Cats

Nutritional Needs for Cats

For cats, taurine is an essential amino acid. Many pet food manufacturers do not have this essential ingredient in their pet products. Without the appropriate amino acids, cats can get sick and even die. This same is true when cats eat processed food made by these same manufacturers. Deficiency occurs because the cats are not receiving the appropriate nutrients.
If you are thinking about giving your feline real food, then the good news is that you can look for sources of natural taurine.

Dietary Protein

Protein is also an important nutrient for your feline because they contain amino acids as well and are necessary for your cat’s health in order to:

·         Make antibodies

·         Add enzymes

·         Facilitate a healthy hormone and tissues

With this, your cat will have a balanced pH level, high energy and the essential growth required for a longer life. Complete proteins consist of good amounts of the essential amino acids and can be found in various foods, but especially:

·         Fish

·         Meat

·         Eggs

·         Poultry

Without enough proteins, your cat won’t get enough essential amino acids. Incomplete proteins or plant proteins can be found in various foods, but especially:

·         Grains

·         Legumes

·         Veggies

Your cat won’t get sufficient amino acids from just eating these types of food because taurine is derived from animal protein.

Animal Sources

Yes, felines require animal sources for taurine. They do not utilize vegetable sources as well. It can vary slightly how much of this nutrient that each animal might require to keep in very good health. This includes your cat’s age, physiological state, digestibility, and activity. In general, cats do have a higher requirement for protein than dogs do.

Fatty Acids

Fat is a concentrated energy source that even cats require. It provides your feline with the essential fatty acids, helping your cat with utilizing and transporting nutrients in the body. Fatty tissue helps to maintain the integrity of the cells and it also regulates the cat’s metabolism. Animal sources contain saturated fat while plants contain polyunsaturated fat. The only way for your act to get these essential fatty acids is from food sources.


Every animal needs water and cats are no different. However, cats get most of their water from raw foods. They have a lower thirst drive than other animals. If you feed your cat only dry food, then they won’t obtain the amount of water necessary for good health and they will become very dehydrated.


As a pet owner, it is obvious that you love your feline. For that reason, it is important to be aware of what is needed as it relates to the required food source for your cat’s good health. 

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