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How to Ensure Your Pet Consumes Healthy Food

Healthy Pet Food

One of the major aspects of maintaining the overall health of your pet is selecting food that is of the highest quality and has the most nutritional value. Of course, on the market today, there are multiple brands of pet food to choose from. However, with so many choices, you can run into the problem of choosing the wrong brand that will only compromise your pet’s health. Fortunately for you, there are several easy and simple ways of determining and establishing whether a specific food item is appropriate for your pet or not.

AAFCO Statement

If you want to create a full nutritional and balance food plan for your canine or feline, there are some tips to consider when selecting food for your animal. First, pay attention to the label. Make sure you see the AAFCO statement on the label. AAFCO is the Association of America Feed Control Officials and this is the organization that places certain standards on pet food manufacturing and defines the kind of terms and ingredients to list on the labels. The AAFCO statement should be noticeably displayed in the analysis and ingredient section of any bag holding pet food.

The Ingredients

Pay attention to the specific ingredients on the label, looking for the nutritional value, calories and amount used for each ingredient. For carnivores pets like a cat or dog, meat is important, whether you are choosing normal food or treats. For those animals, refrain from giving foods high in plant matter and whole grains.

The Price

Your pet is like a child – your child. You want the best for your pet as you do for your child. For that reason, even though, you may be working within a budget as it relates to your food shopping, don’t choose cheap over nutritious. Quality is important when choosing food or treats for your pet.

The Profile                                                          

Buy pet food or treats with a profile in mind. For example, if you have a kitten or a puppy, look on the label to see if it identifies which pet should consume that particular food item. Look for the word, ‘performance’ as well. If it is an older dog, you may see the word, ‘senior’ on the label.

Natural Preservatives

Go as natural as possible when it comes to dog food or cat food or treats. Most commercially manufactured foods tend to have potential toxic agents. While, these may not cause immediate health problems, overtime, this can buildup to adversely affect your pet. Instead, you should consider treats or foods with natural preservatives, even though, these are a little more expensive. As it is with human consumption, food dyes are unhealthy for your pets as well. So make sure this is not included in the ingredients. Pay attention to the date on the label to make sure it has not expired. Keep an eye out for recalls and reviews. This will give you additional information about a particular pet treat or food.


If you are going to introduce something new to your pet, be sure to observe their reaction for up to a week. Your pet’s reaction to the food or treat will give you enough information necessary to continue use or to make a change. 

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