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Identifying and Selecting Healthy Pet Treats

There is no pet owner that does not buy pet treats. For a dog owner, it is nice to see a canine wagging its tail in anticipation for a dog treat. The dog’s face will light up and be very attentive, waiting for the treat while trusting its owner to provide healthy dog treats. How do you ensure that your dog’s treat is healthy or not? It is actually very simple. Like with other foods that you may purchase for your dog or even for yourself, the key is in the ingredients.

What it All Means

What does this mean? It means that you have to pay attention to the label. Reading the label may take a few moments, but you have to do it for your dog’s or other pet’s sake. Get into the habit of doing this even for yourself and your family. Sometimes, the fine print may be a deterrent, but even if you have to use a magnifying glass, make sure you know what is manufactured into your pet’s treat. Most of the ingredients will determine the quality of the product.

What You Should Look For

Start looking at the list of ingredients on the label. These are listed by weight. The first ingredient may have more weight because it is the main ingredient. The weight usually decreases as ingredients go down the list. If the same amount of weight is used in one or more ingredient, then the weights will be the same.

The Quality

If your pet treat is organic, meaning organic ingredients are used and there are no artificial sweeteners and preservatives, then you know it is of the highest quality. The quality of pet treats is indicative of the same quality in food that humans consume. By-products are not good for the health as whole food ingredients are. For instance, wheat is much better to include as an ingredient than wheat flour is. Highly processed foods are more inclined to be contaminated and nutrients are lost.

The Freshness

When ingredients are freshly and organically grown in the United States, it tends to maintain its quality. In other words, at least you are sure that it is not genetically modified. If pet treats are sourced domestically, it stands to reason that you would trust it more, but in all cases, pay attention to the ingredients. Well, when pet treats have to be shipped, nine times out of ten, the manufacturer will use preservatives to keep it as fresh as possible. That is not a good choice for you and your pet.


In the list of ingredients, pay attention to words on the label like animal fat, and meat meal in order to avoid these. Choose pet treats with honey and molasses instead of artificial sweeteners, but make sure they are in moderation and have the appropriate weight. If the manufacturer uses preservatives, it should be natural. You want to choose pet treats that are safe for your dog to consume. 

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