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Pet Treats Commercial versus Homemade

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There are some individuals who would like to think that an unending debate has been launched between the benefits of purchasing commercial pet treats in comparison to homemade pet treats. Does one have more health benefits than the other? There is actually nothing to debate as the proof is clear. Many pet owners can vouch for the fact that homemade treats have a higher level of benefit. However, if you are still in doubt, let’s take a look at both.

The Debate

Yes, both do have their debatable pros and cons, but one more than the other. The facts will speak for themselves. In the pet food industry, commercial businesses are making billions of dollars selling pet food with no regulations in place. The industry has become big business with no real care for the felines or canines that consume these products. It is all about the commercial aspect and it leaves pet owners feeling scared.

No Regulations or Accountability

The FDA and SDA have no control over the ingredients that are used to make pet food. States do have legal guidelines to sell pet food. However, the overall system for overseeing the industry is severely lacking in accountability across the board. For that reason, pet owners have to essentially trust companies that label their products and hope that it is done correctly. Pet owners are forced to believe that commercial manufacturers of pet foods are telling the truth about their product. Most commercial manufacturers are influenced by profit, investor interest and stock price.

Giving you Control

When you buy homemade pet treats, you have the control of knowing that it is organically made and this gives you better options to choose the treats that will benefit your pet. Homemade treats are usually prepared without chemicals or preservatives unlike the commercial treats. In most cases, the commercial choice is not the best for your pet. It can impede your pet’s good behavior due to the chemicals found in it. If you find your pet exhibiting aggressive behavior, you could blame commercial treats for it.

Healthy Option

The ingredients in homemade treats contain reduced fat, providing your feline or canine with a healthy heart and decreasing chances of obesity. Snacks made from homemade ingredients tend to maintain clean teeth and gums in your pet. It can also give your pet a shinier coat and healthy digestive tract. Homemade treats are healthy, even pet owners can eat them.


The fact that homemade treats contain common kitchen ingredients says a lot about how safe they are to consume. Which one would you prefer: a batch of homemade cookies for your pet or chemically processed cookies from the commercial manufacturer? You decide, but your decision will impact your beloved pet. 

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