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The Rules to Choosing Healthy Treats for your Dog

The Rules to Choosing Healthy Treats for your Dog

Dogs and cats love to receive treats and food like humans do. In the same way that humans get sidetrack and overeat, the same is true for canines and felines, if you don’t curb their food consumption as a pet owner. If you fail to be less than cautious as it relates to feeding your pet with treats, for example, then you could put some extra calories into their diet. This will only make for bad health and many more trips to the vet. In fact, feeding your pet can become such a drive that you don’t realize how many calories you are adding to your pet’s meal. If you are not reading the label on your pet treats then you are going to hurt your beloved animal.

The Ten Percent Rule

There is a ten percent rule to follow when it comes to feeding your animal. Let’s take a closer look at what this means. Your pet’s snacks and treats should only be ten percent of the daily calories. Your vet can recommend how many treats your pet should receive on a daily basis. Most times, it depends on the pet’s weight and activity level. Most pets love treats and so you cannot deny them completely. In the same breath, pet owners love to make their pets happy with treats. In fact, it is one of the ways that a pet owner bonds and builds a relationship with the animal. This is a positive reinforcement for all involved. It is best, in the grand scheme of things; to give treats one at a time.

Vegetables and Fruit

Avoid commercial pet treats because most of them are high in sugar, fat and preservatives. In the contrary, there are some companies that sell organic and homemade treats for your canine or feline. In most of these cases, they can come in the form of vegetables and fruits, similar in appearance to what humans would consume. These products have fewer calories and are healthier.

What to Avoid

When you give treats to your pet, be sure that it won’t hurt the teeth. Choose less hard products because, again, you don’t want to have to go to the vet unnecessarily for a tooth fracture. If your thumbnail can be pushed into a treat and leaves any type of mark, it means that you can give it to your pet to chew on.


If you want to treat your pet with healthy treats, then you could incorporate the method of positive reinforcement. When your pet completes an obedience test successfully, you can wisely provide the animal with snacks as a reward. 

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