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Stay Away from Chinese Pet Jerky Treats!

Chinese Jerky Treats

The FDA is warning dog owners to stay away from jerky treats made in China. The dog treats have been linked to more than 500 dead dogs that may have been killed after eating them. But the FDA says it has no idea what may be inside the treats that's causing those dogs to die.

Those dogs typically became sick within hours of eating the treats. Symptoms included vomiting and diarrhea, loss of appetite and lethargy. The jerky strips were made of duck, chicken, sweet potatoes or dried fruit and were sold under a variety of different brand names. Veterinarians say they've seen repeated cases of kidney failure and internal bleeding, potentially linked to those treats. 

The FDA is investigating whether some sort of poison made its way into the Chinese factories that produce the treats. But it's difficult to test because the poison could have come into contact with them at many places. And the agency has to know what it's looking for in order to test for it. 

It wasn't always this way. In 2007 contaminated treats caused 4,000 dogs and cats to die from kidney failure. Eventually testing found tainted melamine from the packaging in the wheat gluten used in the treats. Several companies voluntarily pulled tainted dog treats from shelves and the cases of animals dying from them decreased. But since then cases have reappeared. 

You should know where your best friend's food is coming from! (FYI - it shouldn't be overseas!) At Pet Nibbles we are all about locally sourced pet treats from the U.S. made from all-natural ingredients. 

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